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9pcs semiprecious stone keyrings (synthetic turquoise?)

9pcs semiprecious stone keyrings (synthetic turquoise?)

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  • Pack size - 9pcs.   
  • Details - Handmade keyrings featuring attractive assorted shape and size stones. These are blue/green, and I believe they're synthetic turquoise. However, I'm not certain.
  • Note: As there are two sets of these, the shapes received may be different from those shown in the pictures. As you can see though, they all follow a theme of...chunky blocky rectangle-y dollop.
  • Note (the sequel): The colours are difficult to capture, because they're a right pain in the wossname to photograph without either all of them looking a weird shade of blue-y black. They look turquoise-y greeny blue.

Please note: colours may differ slightly from the pictures above due to lighting conditions or different display devices.

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